Seascape Magazine ’22

Last year a poem of mine got selected to be in my school’s literary magazine, Seascape. I am happy to announce that this year two of my poems were selected!

I always have hundreds of poems waiting in the notes app on my phone, so it is truly a change of scenery to have a few of them published in a physical magazine that I can hold in my hands.

Also, as a bonus, I did not even need to go through the long, hard hours I put in when I self-published book, even though it was well worth it in the end. This is a win-win-win.

Although this post is a few months late because the magazine came out what feels like a while ago, I was not feeling well due my Long Covid symptoms and am just getting around to posting about it now.

You can read the poems below:

Here is a link to last year’s post regarding my work in Seascape.

*Thank you Seascape editors and advisors for choosing two of my poems!*

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