What outdoor activity do you want to try but are too afraid?

A few months ago I contributed to an article that compiled different outdoor activities that people want to try but are afraid to pursue. The first thing that popped into my mind was surfing. I have always wanted to try surfing but always discouraged myself from it either because of my fear of what isContinue reading “What outdoor activity do you want to try but are too afraid?”

How to Answer When Asked, “How Are You?”

I recently contributed to an article on UpJourney where I discussed how I respond to the commonly asked question, “How are you?” Do you answer honestly? Be concise but not honest? I found it interesting to write up my answer because it can vary depending on the situation and who I am speaking to. MyContinue reading “How to Answer When Asked, “How Are You?””

Emerging Content Creators Scholarship

Thank you NALIP for selecting me as a 2021 Diverse Women in MediaForum Emerging Content Creators Scholarship recipient! I am thrilled to take part in the 2-day event where I will join diverse industry leaders to learn, grow, and connectalongside talented creatives. You can get a pass or learn more about the eventhappening online DecemberContinue reading “Emerging Content Creators Scholarship”

Reader at Austin Film Festival

One of the best known festivals for screenwriting is Austin Film Festival. This year I had the opportunity to be a reader for the festival. It was a great experience! The 2021 festival will take place from October 21st – 28th. The festival has film, screenplay, playwriting, and podcasts competitions, as well as informative panelsContinue reading “Reader at Austin Film Festival”