Worked on behind-the-scenes tasks: researched, compiled data, worked in Google Suites, outreach, & social media.

Film Screener

Watched submitted films & evaluated them to determine if they should be selected for the festival.


Developed cohesive photographs that showcased the brand’s voice & products.

Featured on Podcasts

I Think I’m the Imposter: Crystal Valenzuela & I discuss imposter syndrome, self doubt, & trying to “make it” in the film industry.

We Art Here: Janeen Fagbemi & I talk about attending the online SXSW 2021 Film Festival, my self-published book, & making friends through filmmaking.

Faces of TBI: Amy Zellmer & I delve into my brain injury & how long COVID has complicated things further.

Publications & Contests

Seascape Magazine ’21

Ocean County College English Department Writing Competition – 3rd Place

Seascape Magazine ’22

Blog Features & Contributions

Living and Learning with a Brain Injury

I Lost A Loved One To Suicide and Here Is What You Should Know

Long-Term Concussion Effects

From a Concussion to a Life Changing Trip to Hawaii

A Published Author Shares Her Thoughts

My Anxiety Story

How Long Covid Impacts My Mental Health

You Can’t Fake It ‘Til You Make It With Depression

How To Answer When Asked, “How Are You?”

What Outdoor Activity Do You Want To Try But Are Afraid To Pursue?

Books To Learn About Yourself

How To Deal With Jealous People

10 People Share Their Real-Life Ghost Experiences

If you want a copy of my resume, contact me!

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